Keeping your sportwear in great condition


Sportswear is a huge trend right now, and many people are religiously wearing their gym clothes whether or not they are planning on hitting the gym that day. In order to keep your gym wear looking great, it's important to look after it. Here are some tips to care for sportswear. 

Wash in cold water and line dry 

The lycra and elastane content which keeps your sportswear fitting well and hugging your curves is best preserved by washing in cold water. Cold water also helps to prevent the colours from bleeding, and keeps your dark colours dark and bright colours bright. Line drying also prevents the material from degrading under heat. Ideally, you should also line dry inside to prevent the fabric from fading in the sunlight. 

Wash the sportswear quickly

Sports clothes can get smelly quickly, especially if you are working out hard and sweating a lot. Unfortunately, sweat-wicking or quick dry materials tend to repel water, which can make them retain more odour.  It's a good idea to get your sports clothes into the wash early after they have got sweaty, as it can be relatively easy to get them smelling great again after a quick wash - but after a week of brewing in a warm car or the bottom of a clothes basket they can develop a persistent odour. If it's not worth throwing them in the washing machine, try rinsing them in the post-workout shower to get rid of the majority of sweat and odour and allow you to dry before the next use. 

Wash like with like colours

If you have a large range of sports gear, try and wash like colours together. Keeping dark yoga pants apart from pale bras can prevent everything from turning an unappealing shade of grey if colours end up bleeding. If you don't have enough sports gear to separate your gym gear and wash separately, you can often wash similar clothing together such as shapewear and swimming costumes with your gym clothes. 

Buy higher quality gym gear

Higher quality sportswear often wears better and will last you longer than cheaper sportswear, due to the better quality of materials and construction. The price tag is not necessarily an indication of quality for gym wear with some gym clothes at a lower price tag performed as well as high-end brands. If you are unsure of the best brand to buy it can be worth getting advice from a clothing retailer who specialises in sports clothes. 


26 July 2016

Classy petite corporate wear

When I was growing up, I kept expecting that any year I would have the growth spurt the other girls all had. It never happened and I'm still the same height I was in 8th grade. I am quite short for an adult lady, and as I move up the corporate ladder it's important for me to find outfits that make me look like a professional woman and not some kid dressing up in her mum's work clothes. This blog is all my inspiration of petite corporate wear that looks great as well as some ideas of great shops to try for petite clothes.