What Style Of Rugby Boot Is Best For Backs?


When it comes to the construction and fit of rugby boots, the modern game demands that every position on the field has its own special requirements.  Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned campaigner, you'll need the right boots if you are perform to your optimum. 

Here's a guide on what backs should look for in order to find that perfect boot.

Rugby boot construction

Rugby boots are made-up of several different parts including:

  • the upper
  • the outsole
  • the heel
  • the midsole

The upper

The upper, as the name suggests, comprises of all of the components that form the top part of the boot that covers your foot.

Backs' main job in a match is to sprint forward to the try line.  For this reason, you will need a boot with a lightweight upper that is a snug fit, so that the boot does not slip around on your foot or become heavy in wet and muddy conditions.  It's also important that the uppers are flexible, as another of your jobs as a back will be kicking.

The outsole

The outsole is basically the part of the boot that is in contact with the pitch and into which studs are fitted.  When you consider that you will be spending 80 minutes per match running on the outsole in conditions that may range from rock hard ground to sticky, slippery mud, you can see the importance of comfort as well as functionality.

Boots designed for backs will be fitted with a handful of short studs toward the front of the outsole to help the wearer to sprint forward without slipping and change direction quickly.

The heel

Old-style rugby boots did not have a heel and were styled so that the wearer's foot was flat to the floor.  However, modern boots are designed with a small heel.  This is particularly important for backs and centres as the slightly forward angle of the foot created by the heel helps you to run faster when aiming to run through the gain line.

This design also relieves the strain on your lower leg, meaning that you are less vulnerable to Achilles tendon injuries.  Some designs for backs also feature gel cushioned heels to save you from impact damage, especially on hard ground.

The midsole

The midsole of a back's boot should be very well-cushioned to provide a barrier between the boot's insole and outsole on the ground.  This is important for your comfort, as you'll be covering a lot of mileage over the course of an 80 minute match.

In conclusion

Backs have particular requirements when it comes to buying rugby boots.  Be sure to ask for rugby boots that have the back-specific features outlined above when you next purchase a new pair.


19 May 2016

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