Making the job of washing your nappies as easy as possible


One of the aspects of eco nappies which scares some parents is the washing. However it doesn't need to be a big deal. Here are some tips to help make sure the job of washing eco nappies easier. 

Use flushable liners

When you fit the nappy to your child use a flushable liner. Many eco nappy stores also sell these liners and then allow you to easily shake off the liner into the toilet. This means that you can wash a less soiled nappy and it's much easier and more pleasant to transport dirty nappies if you need to change a nappy on the go.

Have a secure wash bin

As you know, the Australian summer can make a strong smell even stronger. Make sure that your wash bin has a tightly fitting lid so that you don't find the odour permeating through the whole house. Many users also find sprinkling a light mix of essential oils such as lavender and tea tree oil in the bin can limit the growth of stink bacteria as well as keep the bin smelling fresh and pleasant every time you have to open it. 

Wash your nappies regularly

It's a good idea to get the nappies in the wash and on the line regularly. If your child uses a mix of disposable nappies and eco nappies (for example if they attend daycare and the daycare only uses disposables) you might find it's a while before you have a full load of eco nappies to wash. However if you leave the nappies too long, they may get a hard to shift smell in them, so keep up a regular wash cycle. The wash frequency depends on the ambient temperature - so while you may need to do daily washes in a hot and humid climate (like Broome, WA) where it may not be as urgent in a cooler Victorian winter. 

Read the washing instructions

A standard warm wash is usually fine for washing cloth nappies, although it's worth checking the exact instructions for your model of nappies. Washing the nappies in too hot water can degrade the nappies and make it less absorbent or quicker to wear. Equally using the wrong detergent can also affect absorbency. 

Washing your eco nappies does not have to be a painful chore if you take some simple steps to have a washing schedule and store your nappies correctly. 


29 April 2016

Classy petite corporate wear

When I was growing up, I kept expecting that any year I would have the growth spurt the other girls all had. It never happened and I'm still the same height I was in 8th grade. I am quite short for an adult lady, and as I move up the corporate ladder it's important for me to find outfits that make me look like a professional woman and not some kid dressing up in her mum's work clothes. This blog is all my inspiration of petite corporate wear that looks great as well as some ideas of great shops to try for petite clothes.